Author: Emery Beard

Author: Emery Beard

Guide to Finding the Right Airport Taxi
Image March 25, 2021 Transport Emery Beard

Nowadays, there are many airport taxi service providers. The increase in the number of taxis is attributed to the increase in travelers. Finding a taxi in your local town is quite easy owing to the fact that you know many taxi services companies. However, when you are in another country, it is different playing ground. In this case, your safety is more important than the cost of the taxi. You can book Dunedin taxi to airport online. The following are crucial tips to help you choose the best airport taxi service.

Consider Their Reputation

airport taxiThere is a need to assess the reputation of the taxi service before checking its services. That is because a reputable company will offer you great service and will ensure you are safe. You should note that most travelers trust the taxi service with a great reputation.

Check Licensing

When picking up an airport taxi service, it is critical to check its licensing. Ideally, you want to ensure that the taxi service you choose is licensed to offer services to the given airport. Avoid companies that are not licensed. The license is a sign that you are dealing with a credible service provider.

Read Reviews

The truth is that all travelers are interested in quality services. That explains why they spend a lot of time searching for top airport taxi services. As a result, taxi service users post reviews and share experiences online. It is advisable to research online to find out what other taxi users are saying about the service provider you want to hire. Always be careful when analyzing reviews as some of them have been filled with spam reports.

Check the Insurance Cover

airport taxi serviceA company that offers airport taxi services follows certain procedures to ensure they meet acceptable standards. For instance, they want to ensure their customers are comfortable. Thus, they will have insurance cover for their customers. The insurance cover will become handy whenever a mishap occurs. Therefore, you need to find out whether your airport taxi company has the insurance policy you want.


This is the last thing you need to consider when choosing an airport taxi service. Even if you are on vacation, you want to ensure you stick with your budget. Thus, you should carry out adequate research to ensure you find a cost-effective service. The right service provider should balance between the price and service.

The above are the critical factors to consider when choosing an airport taxi service. Remember that failing to carry out research can result in choosing the wrong taxi service.

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Considerations for Buying a Family Camping Tent
Image August 16, 2018 Camping Emery Beard

Before purchasing a camping tent, there are some essential factors on the use of the tent that you need to consider. Determining the type and size of tent that is right for you before buying, you get to save time, money and also have a perfect tent that suits your camping activity. The following factors will help you purchase the right tent for your family camping activities.

Type of tent you need

The kind of tent you need will be determined by the type of camping you are planning on. If you intend to experience thrills of camping through the backcountry, then a lightweight tent for two is an excellent choice. If the family is camping in one area at a given campsite, then you may require some creature comforts of home. In such situations, a large family camping tent will be suitable.typeoftent

The number of people and purpose

You need to first decide on how you intend to use the tent. It may be for storage of items or sleeping. It is vital to consider all of these before buying a camping tent. This is because when the manufacturer says a tent sleeps four people, it implies that the tent will fit four standard sized sleeping bags. If your family is your family of four will use the tent for more than just sleeping, then it is advisable to go for a larger camping tent.

The type of campers you are

You need to ask yourself about the kind of camping you will be doing. It may be extreme wilderness trekking, gentle backpacking or family campsite. For family campsite campers, the complexity or amount of time of setting up your tent is less critical. The simpler it is to set up the ten the better, but for camping the ease of setting up multiple or large family camping tents is not essential unless you get to the campsite after dusk.

Season and weather condition

seasonSummers, fall, and spring are the seasons when most people camp. However, depending on the geographical area, you should ask yourself how often you can experience extreme weather conditions. Sudden high winds or rain storms do happen, and if you camp in regions where the possibility of severe weather is high, then you want to be prepared. To some degree, every tent is water resistant, but you may want to purchase a tent specifically designed to repel rain if you camp in areas with frequent rain storms. The same will be with scorching sun and high winds.

To enjoy your camping experience, you should purchase a tent with the proper features. The design of the tent will also matter in terms of colors, shapes, and formation. Put these factors into consideration before making your purchase.…

How to Gift the Traveler in Your Life
Image May 19, 2018 Gifts Emery Beard

Traveling is an exciting pastime but is bound to come along with its ups and downs. This doesn’t mean that it should be shunned and tossed in the litter bin. It merely says that we should learn to take it along with all its baggage. In the long run, you will be glad you did, and you will want nothing more than to embrace it passionately. On the bright side, you can add some style and glitz to the traveling side of you. This will help you see traveling from a whole new perspective. How about some ideas on holiday gifts for the traveler in your life?

A Passport Cover

For someone whose lifestyle involves traveling from time to time, the passport suffers some significant losses. It will not be like brand new as it first was when issued to the traveler. It would be pretty thoughtful of you to consider this and get them a quality passport cover which should be leather.

This shouldn’t cost you so much and would indeed be a saving. Genuine leather has always been known to last longer. Once you buy it, your traveler can enjoy a smooth journey with a covered passport. A passport cover should not be so hard to locate as it is everywhere around you. This also includes the internet. There are plenty to choose from, and you’ll feel the thrill of having to pick one from the wide variety.


backpackTraveling does involve packing items that you will need along the way. You’ve been watching that traveler in your life from the sidelines, but it’s time to do something. Gift them with something that will help them remember you for the rest of their lives. What better gift than a stylish backpack?

With this, you should be able to factor in all the qualities of a good backpack. At least then the traveler will have an easy time in trying to put their act together just before an upcoming trip. This kind of gift helps especially when the traveler is so close to you. Traveling will be embarked upon for what it is, a hobby.

Travel Bottle

Traveling is quite thirsty work and should be treated accordingly. A travel bottle should do the trick as it is the best way to put the thirst pangs at bay. Since you want the traveler in your life to be comfortable, gift them with a travel bottle that will meet their needs at the earliest convenience. Make sure its features are not too exaggerated. Instead, make them a fun companion to carry along on the trip. Let it not be too big to fit in their backpacks or too heavy and make them weary along the way.

A Pair of Headsets

There is no better way to enjoy traveling than through some soothing quality music. What better way to enhance this feature than through a pair of quality headphones? Gift your traveler with one, and they will forever be indebted to your thoughtful gesture.

Check for all the beautiful qualities before wrapping it up. You are more than ready to hand it to the traveler in your life.…

How to Prepare Yourself for a First International Travel Trip
Image May 13, 2018 Travel Tips Emery Beard

We have all come across the true saying that there is a first time for everything. The same case applies when it comes to flying. Not everyone has the same reaction, especially during landings and take-offs. You have to train yourself to take it positively and that it will all come to an end very soon. We all have steps that we have taken at some point. We have considered others to be more important than others. We have even come to see what a milestone we have achieved. If international travel is all new to you, here’s how to prepare for the first international travel trip.

Thorough Preparations

If it’s a country that speaks a foreign language, you may want to familiarize yourself with the basics. Even something as minor as mere greetings will add a whole new touch to your experience. If you have friends or colleagues that might help, you will be okay. This might take a month or less depending on how enthusiastic you are. The more enlightened you are is, the more enjoyable your first international trip will be. This is better than that awkward feeling of having to guess the meanings of some foreign signs and readings.

Take Your Time

lady in airportWe are talking about an international trip and not a visit to grandma. This means you have to take your time and ensure that you have packed all that you need for your trip. There is nothing as disconcerting as forgetting your pajama bottoms or top.

Worse still, something that you can’t live without such as one of your luggage. The nightmare only begins when you think of all the vital items contained inside. No worries, you can go as far as researching on what awaits you as a newbie. It might interest you to know what a wonderful trip you’ll have when you plan and prepare yourself. On the bright side, you have all the sources you will ever need to make this possible. It will feel as though you have traveled all your life internationally.

Your Aims for the Trip

What you plan to do during your trip abroad should open your eyes wide. Start preparing yourself by figuring out the many activities you could engage in. For instance, trying out the delicacies offered at the eating joints.

The music and general culture of the intended destination is sure to give you a whole new outlook. You can even go as far as writing down your activities on a piece of paper. Crossing them out in an orderly manner after partaking of them will give you a sense of fulfillment.

Bring Some Friends Along

Whatever you do, don’t travel alone. It gets even better when you are in the company of like-minded and fun-loving individuals. This will help alleviate your fears and turn them into pure and unmatched excitement.
An international trip is not something small and should never be taken lightly. Pick your friends and general company wisely as the fun depends on this factor. With this in check, you will want to extend your stay to one more week or month.…