The Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

The Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

When we think of Las Vegas, the most immediate envision we form the bright lights at the Strip. When you enter into Las Vegas, you get an iconic Welcomes Sign perched above the Fremont Street located downtown. Most people do not understand the clear picture of some of the outdoor activities that one can get involved with. Our post will outline several outdoor activities that will make your stay in Las Vegas one of a kind. Being regarded as the entertainment capital of the world, you cannot miss enjoying every second spent there. Not only is Las Vegas the capital of entertainment but it is also the capital for unusual outdoor activities for both residents and visitors. Keep reading to see some of the best outdoor activities in Las Vegas.

Glide in the Canyon

The Rio Hotel and Casino is one of the most famous resorts in Las Vegas. It has a Voodoo Zip Line just outside its strip for a great outdoor chilling. However, the biggest deal is the Bootleg Canyon which is only thirty minutes away. It is only ten miles away from the magnificent Hoover Dam. Its flight line can take avid fliers up to an exhilarating 1,000 feet high experience. Its natural landscape makes it the best place for a backdrop.

Skiing at Mount Charleston

Skiing on mountain iceMount Charleston is just one hour outside the city. It is a fantastic escape into the wildlife and nature. If you love skiing, then this is the perfect spot for. if you happen to be on location during the winter season, then you can ski to your maximum.

You can also experience better when hiking in the spring and summer seasons. There are a bunch of activities in mount Charleston all the year-round. The scenery hosts about 50 unusual plants and animals that are not found in other places around the world. The breathtaking atmosphere makes it an excellent spot for skiing enthusiasts.

Boat Racing Sport

For those who love to spend most of their time in the water, Floyd Lamb Park has got your needs catered for. Most people think that Las Vegas is a semi-desert place there are no fantastic wetlands like other tropical places. The park is about 680 acres and contains sprawling lakes that have facilitated the growth of lush greenery. After boat racing on the lakes, you can relax with your family members by reveling Las Vegas’s nature.


Taking a long walk from your hotel room to the front gate alone is enough of a great hike. However, for a tradition hike, you can visit Mount Charleston and even the Red Rock Canyon. These places offer several great hiking trails.

Horseback Riding

If you want to explore the other cowboy or cowgirl side of you, you can do it all in Las Vegas. There is quite some stables and horseback touring agencies in town to help you have fun. Most of them are located in the Red Rock Canyon and neat the great Charleston Mountain.

man riding horse


No list of outdoor activities is complete without the mentioning of swimming. Most of us love swimming. And Las Vegas is a semi-desert, you can not miss to cool yourself by swimming. Las Vegas is known for its gorgeous swimming pools that are the best sot for countering the summer heat.